# Alarms 6.0.0

ICSAlarms are used for iCalendar event alarms and are often used for reminders before an event occurs.

# Example

const alarm: ICSAlarm = {
  action: 'AUDIO',
  trigger: new Date('1998-01-01T05:00:00Z'),
  duration: {
    after: true,
    hours: 1
  attach: {
    params: 'FMTTYPE=audio/mp3',
    url: 'ftp://host.com/novo-procs/felizano.mp3'

# action

  • Type: string
  • Required: yes
  • Valid value: any of AUDIO, DISPLAY, EMAIL, or PROCEDURE

Determines how the alarm will behave.


If the action is set to AUDIO, a valid audio file ICSAttachment must be specified.

# description

  • Type: string
  • Required: yes

The description for the alarm.

# summary

  • Type: string
  • Required: yes

The summary for the alarm.

# trigger

When to trigger the alarm. This can be a ICSDuration object representing the time to display before or after an event, or a valid Date reference.

# duration

How long the alarm should be present for.

# repeat

  • Type: number
  • Required: no
  • Valid value: a positive integer

The number of times to repeat the alarm.

# attach

  • Type: ICSAttachment
  • Required: no
  • Valid value: an ICSAttachment object

# attach.params

Sets the parameter for the ICSAttachment. This could be a MIME type if referencing a file.

# attach.url

  • Type: string
  • Required: yes
  • Valid value: a valid URL

Sets the URL for the resource of this ICSAttachment.