Add events to popular calendar apps.

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Renders Anywhere

Datebook supports both server-side rendering, as well as all major modern browsers.

Major Apps Supported

Fully supports .ics files for iCalendar and Office Outlook, and also supports Google Calendar, Yahoo! Calendar and Outlook Web.

No Server Needed

Datebook will generate downloadable iCalendar files on the fly, and URLs contain event data in their query strings.

# Quick start

yarn add datebook

# Example usage

import { ICalendar } from 'datebook'

const icalendar = new ICalendar({
  title: 'Happy Hour',
  location: 'The Bar, New York, NY',
  description: 'Let\'s blow off some steam from our weekly deployments to enjoy a tall cold one!',
  start: new Date('2020-07-04T19:00:00'),
  end: new Date('2020-07-04T23:30:00'),
  recurrence: {
    frequency: 'WEEKLY',
    interval: 2